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Golden Brain Mental Arithmetic Online Class

Pioneer of AMARC Teaching Method

Experience our personalized mental arithmetic teaching method, tailored to each student's learning style and abilities. We not only focus on imparting mental arithmetic skills but also prioritize fostering good study habits, enhancing computational abilities, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
Our goal is to help students find a sense of achievement and joy in learning, cultivating a genuine love for education!


Unleash Your Child's potential with personalized Mental Arithmetic (AMARC)

Golden Brain pioneers a revolutionary mental arithmetic teaching method called
AMARC Teaching Method (Advanced Mental Arithmetic and Rapid Calculation)
Students develop more than just calculation skills through personalized mental arithmetic teaching methods.

Golden Brain believes that every child is waiting to unleash their unique potential.We recognize that not every child learns in the same way or at the same speed. Therefore, our program is designed to meet the individual learning needs of each student. It means that we understand and appreciate each student's diverse learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses, allowing them to progress at their own pace and unleash their full potential. Our experienced teachers assess each student's characteristics and abilities and design customized learning plans based on their current skills, areas for improvement, and individual goals. This personalized approach ensures that students are continuously engaged, proactive, and progressing in their mental arithmetic journey.

In addition to enhancing calculation abilities, we emphasize the development of students' thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, enabling them to achieve balanced growth academically and personally. Our personalized learning environment encourages students to embrace challenges, find a sense of achievement through persistent breakthroughs, and cultivate a love for learning.

About Golden Brain

Golden Brain specializes in abacus mental calculation, abacus arithmetic, mental math, and related potential development courses. With over 25 years of experience, we have received numerous awards and recognition both domestically and internationally!

Golden Brain is an institution dedicated to providing high-quality mental arithmetic education through continuous research and development. Our primary focus is developing and improving the AMARC teaching method, which is unique and effective for students aged 5 to 13. Through comprehensive teacher training and integrating advanced educational technology, we offer an interactive learning experience to facilitate students' learning and development.

Golden Brain has an experienced teachers and researchers team who utilize innovative teaching methods and advanced technology to cultivate students' critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity through the mental arithmetic curriculum (AMARC). Every student has the potential to make significant progress in mathematics and cognitive abilities through the provision of support and guidance.

Teaching-  25 years+ Experience
Material - 24 years+ Experience

Multimedia - 22 years+ Experience

Teach Online- 18 years+ Experience

Golden Brain Mental Arithmetic. Why is it important for children

Abacus Mental Arithmetic is an effective and innovative approach to improving math skills and unlocking potential. Our method teaches children to visualize an abacus in their minds, enabling quick and accurate mental calculations without needing tools like calculators or pens and paper.
AMARC Teaching Method focuses on unlocking children's innate ability to conduct rapid mental calculations, memorize large volumes of information, and imagine infinite possibilities. Our unique approach enhances children's concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities, providing an effective alternative to traditional teaching methods.
At Golden Brain, we offer both online and physical classes to suit your child's needs. If your child is struggling with our online courses, we can arrange a face-to-face consultation to help them overcome difficulties in learning mental arithmetic.

Exploring the Differences:
Abacus vs. Mental Arithmetic

Abacus is a calculation tool, while mental arithmetic is an effective calculation method derived from abacus principles.

The abacus has long served as a useful computational tool, relying on manual finger movements and abacus manipulation for calculations. While it has been effective, it can be slow and limited in scope, leading to a decline in its use in modern times.

In contrast, mental arithmetic has emerged as a more efficient approach, building upon the principles of the abacus. Through training, individuals develop the ability to visualize an imaginary abacus in their minds, allowing them to perform complex calculations without physical manipulation. Mental arithmetic boosts calculation speed and enhances attention, memory, and concentration.

Exploring the
AMARC Teaching Method:

Engaging and Effective Learning

The AMARC Teaching Method, integrating multimedia interaction and personalized learning, aims to enhance interest and effectiveness in education.

The AMARC Teaching Method (Advanced Mental Arithmetic and Rapid Calculation) revolutionizes mental arithmetic education by blending traditional abacus techniques with educational technology. Its primary goal is to develop students' mathematical abilities while fostering creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills, enhancing overall learning and cognitive development.

A.M.A.R.C. encompasses the comprehensive application of five key elements: Attention, Motivation, Awareness, Reflection, and Coordination. Focusing on students' perceptions, emotions, and motivation stimulates their interest and active participation, resulting in improved learning effectiveness. The AMARC Teaching Method also encourages students to reflect and exercise self-control, nurturing their autonomy in learning and problem-solving abilities. This personalized teaching approach enables students to comprehend and apply acquired knowledge better, leading to enhanced academic performance and increased learning motivation.

The method integrates captivating visuals, animations, and interactive multimedia content to create an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Students gain a deeper understanding of mental arithmetic principles through visual and auditory stimuli, which contributes to improved learning outcomes.


Building Positive Learning Attitude

Through effective guidance, learners can overcome study barriers, which builds their self-esteem and sparks their curiosity to learn new knowledge.

Develop Independent Thinking Skill

Our program emphasizes teaching learners to think critically and analyze situations before making judgments. Children can better understand and make sense of the world around them by developing logic and reasoning skills.

Improve Mental Math Skills

Improving mental math skills through mental calculations is a powerful way to build confidence and develop problem-solving techniques to benefit your child in school and life.

Enhance Competitiveness

Our training helps learners improve their memory, visualization, calculation skills, and ability to read and listen quickly. These skills provide a strong foundation for children to compete effectively in the future.


Golden Brain Online Class is the leading platform for fun and challenging mental arithmetic learning. Our interactive curriculum, led by experienced teachers using the proven AMARC Teaching Method, develops numerical thinking and calculation skills for children aged 5–13. Flexible and tailored courses improve math abilities and learning habits.


This learning tools uses sound, light, shade, speed, and other elements to stimulate the brain and help your child develop a self-learning habit.


This is the perfect way for teachers to monitor their students' homework, and parents can see when the assignment is completed and get reminders if it isn't.


Get real-time updates on your child's progress and see their grades improve. With our AI technology, teachers can identify mistakes in how students are learning and quickly fix them for better results.


Students can get the help they need to succeed in live class. Teachers will work with your child one-on-one to develop their skills.


I highly recommend AMARC teaching method for anyone looking for a great way to improve their mental arithmetic skills. My son has been using this method for the last few months and his progress has been amazing.


The class is very interactive and the online learning is great.

I would like to say a big thank you to the abacus mental arithmetic class in AMARC teaching method. My son has been attending the class for the past few months and I have seen a big improvement in his confidence and mental arithmetic skills.



Since our establishment in 1993, Golden Brain has been a world leader in mental arithmetic teaching. "We utilize cutting-edge multimedia technology to provide an engaging and practical learning experience that has earned us numerous awards and recognitions."


Operation of First Center in Malaysia


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Interview By Local & International Media


The Malaysia Book of Records
(AMARC Teaching Method)


The Book of Inaugural Worlds's Record
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Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Award


Enhance to Multimedia Edu Technique


Baby Talk Reader's Award (Center)


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